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Tree Removal and Pruning

Peter’s Landscape, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to assist with any sort of tree removal or tree pruning needs that you have. We take pride in helping you make the right decision on what should be done with your tree problem.

Peter’s Landscape provides full-service tree removal and tree pruning services throughout the Northern Virginia area.

The process begins by giving us a call at 703-327-2845 and we’ll setup an appointment to come to your residential or commercial location. We’ll take a walk around your lot, assess your tree situation, and answer your questions to ensure that you are adequately informed of your options. Our first priority is to decide whether the tree poses a threat, and if so, we’ll estimate how long you have before it has to go, or if it needs to be removed immediately we will be prepared to do so. Sometimes, we can save trees by taking lesser measures, such as tree pruning.


Tree Removal

When performing a tree removal, we cut the tree as low to the base as possible. We then use a professional stump grinding machine, which allows us to remove the stump and root system completely. We are able to deal with a removal of a single problematic tree, or clear an entire lot – whatever the job calls for.

Safety First

There are many times where we’ve been able to save trees by performing tree pruning services. In those instances, we are able to remove the dead or overgrown limbs which helps to prolong the life of the tree and negates any immediate need for its removal. Most importantly, it’s no longer a safety concern to your property.

Tree Pruning

In addition to the safety benefits of tree pruning, it also helps your landscape thrive by addressing tree care concerns such as structural integrity, and aesthetic presentation. Tree pruning services performed by a professional arborist enhance the natural beauty of your trees and shrubs, and in turn allow them to present themselves as a key asset to your overall landscape.

Licensed & Insured

As with all of our services, we perform our work with professionalism and respect for you and you property. And as anyone who steps foot on your property should be, we’re fully insured.


Give Peter’s Landscape a call today, and we’ll make your tree problem our top priority.

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