Commercial Grounds Maintenance

We are a full-service commercial landscaping company in Northern Virginia that provides solutions for all of your landscape maintenance needs. We offer mowing, mulching, weeding, shrub pruning, turf care, aeration, overseeding, topdressing and tree care.


Landscape maintenance is about much more than just the grass!  We offer services that cover maintenance and care of your entire property, so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your exterior surroundings will stay beautiful, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing. Peters' Landscape, Inc. provides professional commercial landscape maintenance services to businesses and housing developments throughout the Northern Virginia area.

Tree and Shrub Care

Tree and Shrub Care is designed to prevent damage to trees and shrubs and to identify and control disease. Applications begin in late February to early March and end in November.

  • Horticulture Oil controls pests during the over wintering stage.
  • Insecticide Treatment protects trees and shrubs during the growing season from harmful pests.
  • Fertilizations are granular in the spring and deep root feeding is done in the late fall to promote healthy plant growth.
  • Integrated pest management techniques are carried out throughout the growing season by regular inspection for insect infestation at regular intervals.

Grub Control

Grub Control can be applied to the turf in late June to combat infestation. Grubs typically become active in late June to early July. Taking action in June can greatly decrease the chances and/or severity of root damage that can potentially occur.


Pruning can be contracted on an as-needed basis or in a package including spring, summer, and fall. Shrubs will be hand sheared to maintain the health and neat appearance and trees will be trimmed to a height determined by the client and our estimator. Debris clean up and off-site disposal are included.


Topdressing in conjunction with aeration and overseeding is paramount to owning the best-looking lawn in your neighborhood. We apply Soilmate™ to the turf before seed is spread. The benefits of Soilmate™ are:

  • Creating healthy turf with a stronger more vigorous root structure
  • Reducing the need for excessive irrigation by enhancing the soil’s ability to retain moisture
  • Replenishing soil nutrients
  • Allowing the lawn to absorb nutrients when needed
  • Containing micro-organisms that will increase grass vitality and reduce susceptibility to certain plant diseases.

Mulching and Bed Edging

Mulching and Bed Edging includes stripping old mulch out of previously mulched areas (not including woodlines unless specified), complete weed removal, and installation of premium quality double shredded hardwood mulch. All bed edges are re-defined prior to the installation of the mulch. A one-time shrub pruning can be included by request.

Weeding and Mulch Bed Maintenance

Weeding and Mulch Bed Maintenance is an optional program that begins once your mulch beds have been stripped of all old material. A granular weed control is applied prior to the installation of the new mulch. Our weeding crew will visit your home once per month to hand pull weeds, deadhead flowers, and apply Round Up if needed to eradicate stubborn weeds. This service ends in October. At this time we are only able to offer this program to clients for whom we installed new mulch.

Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration and Overseeding is performed in the late summer to early fall, generally beginning in September. All accessible turf areas will be aerated in two directions for optimal results. Aeration should be done once per year to break up compacted soil, allowing root growth, nitrogen circulation, and thicker grass. Overseeding is done in conjunction with aeration using a tall fescue blend. Germination begins in the late fall and the lawn becomes lush and green with new grass in the spring when dormancy ends.

Leaf Removal

Leaf Removal can be contracted at any time of the year. We typically contract the work to be done once in November when the majority of leaves have fallen and once in December to clean up late falling leaves or those that have blown into the yard from areas beyond the property line. Leaves are blown from the rear of the property to the front curb, vacuumed, and disposed of off-site.